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deluxe quality coil is used.
export quality meter is used.
heavy quality mcb (circuit breaker) is used to prevent shock & electric fluctuation.
when it get melts auto power cut-off, if the temperature reduces to the set temperature then it will auto start.
when it gets melts the siren start.

melting material capacity : 3kg
maximum temperature capacity 1150 celsius.
fist time melting time duration approx. 45 minutes.
melting muffle inside size in mm 100mm x 120mm.
muffle power consumption 1200 watts.
furnace power supply 230 volts.
dimensions 19” x 11” x 17”.

approx weight in kg 17 kg.
accessories : 1pc graphite crucible , 1pc crucible plier 16” (8mm),
1pc stirring road thread, 1pc 6”carbon rode thread type for stirring handle.

premiere electric melting furance 3kg model

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