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Jewelry Making Tools Diamond Setting Tool Thermal Jewelry Wax Setting Machine Model TS-90-1 Dimension 90-240mm Weight 1.8kg Voltage 220-110V Power 70W Temperature 90°C Used for drilling on the surface of wax molds. The machine can directly heat the diamond, which is convenient for wax mold inlay, convenient and quick, no noise, quiet work, low power consumption, very energy saving and environmental protection. A machine has multiple nozzles that can be used by multiple people at the same time. At present, the jewellery and jewellery industry and the jewelry industry, micro-wax inlay is a current trend. Nowadays, micro-wax inlaid machinery is in need of product import and technology import, and it is urgent to solve the above problems. In the targeted research and development, the invention of the new "vacuum micro wax insert machine". The utility model has the advantages of small body shape, small space, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient movement, two people, one machine, simple operation, and heavy bulky imported machine, and the price is high compared to the purchase of the machine. Cost, and easy to use, to share with the jewelry and jewelry industry.

GOLD TOOL Jewelry Wax Setting Machine

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