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gold tool 4 shape in 1 block with punch a multi shaped doming or dapping block with a wooden punch. 
total size of block is 125mm x 50mm x 50mm. 
size of the egg shape: large 36 mm long x 29mm tapering up to about 11mm, medium 28mm x 22mm is tapering off to 5mm, small 18mm x 12mm tapering off to about 4mm. 
size of heart : largest from bottom tip to the top of the heart 36mm and at the widest point 29mm, medium size 27mm x 22mm 18mm x 16mm. 
size of ovals: 39mm x 28mm, medium 28mm x 20mm, small 18mm x 12mm.
 size of round shapes : largest 34mm, medium 28mm, small 18mm.

GOLD TOOL 4 in 1 Shape Block With Punch

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